A Molise and Abruzzo Tale


The families of Angelo and Marco, Da Angelo partners, come from the adjoining regions of Molise and Abruzzo, not far from Naples and reaching to the Adriatic where mountains and sea play hide and seek.

The highest point of the Apennines, snow capped most of the year, rises not far from the coast.


So scattered throughout the menu among your italian favourites, you’ll see some delicious offerings with names that will be new to you.

Macaroni Venafro is named for a little town, while Pizza Molise and Fettuccine Molisana recall the district; Spaghetti Basilicata is in honour of the mountainous region to the south. Pizza Frosolone is for the town the Fraraccio family lived in — there’s a Pizza Fraraccio too — and a Caporelli pizza, for Marco’s family name.

It’s not hard to pick out Pizza Da Angelo, a tried-and-true combination. As for Nicolina’s Special — very popular — it’s named after Angelo’s mother. The topping reflects not only Tassie’s superb seafood but also the great fish to be found along the Adriatic coast.