Did you know?

Carbonara, much-loved pasta with bacon, eggs and cream, derives its name from carbone, or coal.

The miners of Rome used to take pan-fried pancetta (bacon) and egg with them when they went underground; at Da Angelo the original rough-and-ready dish is smoothed and silkened with a goodly dash of cream.

Tiramisu, that most wickedly rich, utterly delicious concoction of Tia Maria, sponge fingers, marscarpone and cream, translates as “pick me up”. Some people say it should be “lift me up”, something that would be hard to do if you have too much!

Pasta Perfect

“The angels in Paradise eat nothing but vermicelli al pomodoro.”
The Duke of Bovino
Mayor of Naples, 1930

Heavenly, but perhaps a trifle boring after a while.

Because pasta need never be boring, as there are countless ways of making it and serving it. (Just look at the sauces and shapes in our pasta menu.)

Popular legend has it that Marco Polo brought pasta to Italy on his return from his expedition to China. However, gastronomic experts say the origins of pasta are lost in antiquity, dating to before even Roman times.

Elizabeth David has the last word: “there is pasta fatta in casa (home made pasta) and the kind that is mass-produced and dried in the factory.” She is very clear on which is the better. No contest, in fact.

Ristorante Da Angelo agrees.

A Hobart institution

Since 1994, Ristorante Da Angelo has been bringing authentic Italian food to Hobart. The menu of tried and true favourites, mainly from the southern regions of italy, where pizza originated and where pasta is king, has been joined by some delightful concoctions devised by the partners, Angelo Fraraccio and Marco Caporelli. In true Italian fashion…

Pie in the sky

A proper pizza is a wondrous thing. Traditionally, a slab of bread dough topped with tomatoes and cheese and baked in a very hot oven, the Neapolitan pizza is beautiful to look at and substantial to eat. In fact, pizza was the original fast food. Pizzeria originated in southern Italy and were places for a…

A Molise and Abruzzo Tale

The families of Angelo and Marco, Da Angelo partners, come from the adjoining regions of Molise and Abruzzo, not far from Naples and reaching to the Adriatic where mountains and sea play hide and seek. The highest point of the Apennines, snow capped most of the year, rises not far from the coast. So scattered…

Fly style

Order a Sambucca bianco, and it comes Italian-style with coffee beans floating on top. Well, that’s how you’d get it in Italy, and that’s how it’s served at Da Angelo. Called Sambucca con mosce, it translates literally as Sambucca with flies. The crunch of black bitter coffee beans through velvet-smooth Sambucca is a taste and…

A fitting finale

Do as the many Italians do and round out your meal, not with port or a liqueur, but a shot of grappa. It’s clear, it’s colourless, it’s described as ‘a powerful spirit’. Grappa is brandy that’s been made from marc — that is, what’s left after the grapes have been pressed. Da Angelo has Grappa…

A little Italian lesson

It’s easy. Follow the rules — unlike English, they are simple and consistent. Unfortunately the pronunciation is sometimes quite the opposite of English, but the waiters in Da Angelo’s will always understand you. The one that’s most confusing is the letter c Followed with a, o, u it’s a k sound — as in casa,…