Pie in the sky


A proper pizza is a wondrous thing. Traditionally, a slab of bread dough topped with tomatoes and cheese and baked in a very hot oven, the Neapolitan pizza is beautiful to look at and substantial to eat.

In fact, pizza was the original fast food. Pizzeria originated in southern Italy and were places for a quick and cheap meal prepared right before your eyes.

How things have changed. Today a pizza is a dish with as many variations as chefs have imagination. You still have the fast varieties, terrific for takeaway, but they’ll have delectable and gourmet touches.

Such as pineapple. Why not, indeed? Just look at the Da Angelo pizza, one of the best-loved dishes on the menu — and there, in happy Italo-Aussie fashion is pineapple.

As for gourmet pizzas, they’re just what they say. Top with chicken and brie (Chicken Brie pizza), with pesto, salami capers and more (Caporelli pizza), with sweet chilli sauce and sun-dried tomatoes and on and on.

The sky’s the limit for these pies.